Ukulele brands (for Santa!)

Dear all

I hear Santa might be getting some Ukulele requests this Xmas. I can highly recommend a shop called “The Duke of Uke” you can make a trip there to check out what’s on offer and then they can write the model they like best to Santa 😉 Kala and Snail are good entry level branded ukuleles £50-100. Makala Dolphin Sopranos £35 (they’re the ones we have at school).

All the beet

Mr. Ellis


Junior Open mic

Dear parents and carers

I mentioned this to some of you at parents evening last week. There is a brilliant event run by Some Rosendale parents called Junior open mic. Here is the detail.

Next one is on January 12th! I’d be happy to go along and help introduce some our 1ME talents!

JOM organise the largest Junior Open Mic in the country at Off The Cuff Music Bar in Herne Hill. The service is free to young people ages 4-17 and is organised by a community of local parents.

Our remit is to do our very best to ensure every performer feels as special as possible starting with an incredibly high level of sound. All performances are professionally engineered. To hand is a fully mic’d up drum kit, electric and bass guitar amps, DIs for acoustic guitars, full size keyboard, monitor speakers, 8 vocal mics, 2 instrumental mics and PA. We are very keen to bring young people with little or no musical experience into performing so offer special sessions where starters can perform (with sound engineering) on stage in private.

Current users are
Typically 14-31 youth acts per session performing in a variety of styles (ska, punk, rock, folk, rap, dance, spoken word, beatboxing) and instruments (ukulele, guitar, violin, sax, piano, drums, cajon, bass)
Solo singers with backing tracks
Alex Dotterage (Head of Music for Sydenham Girls) bringing bands – The Dishevelled Peaches, The Rubellas, H.E.R. and Feminism
Laura Harper (Head of Music for Henry Cavendish Primary) – Band R.I.P.
Private music tutors bringing their students
Parents bringing children

Active endorsers
Rosendale Primary support the JOM in their regular weekly newsletters
Brockwell Park Community Partners (equipment and promotions)
Herne Hill Forum (equipment and promotions)
Herne Hill Music Festival (promotions and events)
Brixton Bugle (features)
Off The Cuff Music Bar (main venue and engineering)

Secondary endorsers
Fenstanton Primary (Ricky Deane)
The Elm Green School (Joan O’Mahoney)
Mighty Hoopla (financial donations)
Poodle (band Radiohead, engineering)
London Music Fund (promotions)
West Norwood FEAST (FEAST/JOM collaborative events)

JOM has been organising community youth music events for over 3 years.

Many young performers have gone on to achieve music scholarships at secondary schools
Many young people have made their public debut, performing for the very first time at JOM Junior Open Mic sessions.
Young performers are recommended via JOM to perform at public events (Herne Hill Velofete, Herne Hill Film Festival, No ID, West Norwood FEAST, Herne Hill Music Festival, school fairs)
Young performers go on to directly organise gigs across London – Loud in London O2 Academy Islington, The Basement Door (Richmond), The Camden Assembly. Some are approaching venues collectively with a ready made line-up.
Bands use the junior open mic to practice new material prior to gigs.
80% of performers return 3 times or more within 18 months.

JOM Micro Music Festivals
Each year JOM organises a free music festival in Brockwell Park open to all young artists of any age and ability. These events are designed as a next step beyond performing at JOM Junior Open Mic sessions and allow us to take our values to the next level. Performers are treated as VIPs:
Exclusive access to VIP tent with complimentary refreshments from local food businesses (500 Rabbits pizzas, Brockwell Blend)
Free keepsakes from local businesses
Higher level of audio equipment (£800 vocal mics and a festival quality PA)
Higher level of engineering (Radiohead’s chief sound engineer)
High quality mementos (professionally filmed, recorded and photographed – content is free to families of performers).
Green room with 2 performer assistants
Crew of 15 supporting volunteer adults from the JOM community (rigging, transport, comperes, liaison, duty officers, stage hands…)

For the 2019 festival there was 4 hours of live music, 31 youth acts (ages 5-18) and an audience of 400. Acts included London’s youngest DJ, many debuts and the 2019 winner of The Voice Kids.

Photos and footage of JOM sessions can be viewed at instagram.com/jom_junior_open_mic.
Brochures available on request.

Kind regards,

Andy Gray
Main organiser

Here is one of our own year 1 kids performing and someone close to Mr. Ellis!


Parents for trip – 4th December

Hi all

Thanks for the volunteers for the trip. I’ve picked out the hat the following children’s parent.:

Connie, Olive and James

I’ll remember the names of the parents who also volunteered for the next trip. Thanks so much for putting your names forward. It means a lot to have volunteers. We can’t pick everyone unfortunately as we have limited spaces from the venue.


Mr. Ellis