Daily work – 3rd April 2020

Friday 03.04.20

Reading and phonics

Read a story with your child

Read these sentences out loud

When you drink milk, will you hear it crunch?

This frog is chomping on pondweed.

The chimpanzee did a handstand.

Point to and read all these tricky words we have learnt. These are words that we have to learn by heart as we can’t sound them out.

Can you say a sentence using two of the tricky words? For example:

There was some litter on the floor I called an adult.

Here are two pages from Ms Stainton’s animal encyclopedia. This information is all about tortoises and turtles. You might need some help reading some of this.


For our fact book today we are going to write a section all about tortoises. When we met Mo the tortoise at school we learnt about what he likes to eat and what he does during the winter. Can you remember?

Make sure you add this page to your contents page. What title will you use for this page?

Add any interesting facts that you know about tortoises.

Remember to use small finger spaces (the same size as a letter) and some of the information from the animal encyclopedia if you can. 

Modelled example:


Abracadabra family- Practice s and q. Write the letters 6 times each. How many words can you write with those letters? Can you use some of these words to write a sentence?


come , were, there, little 

Write these words three times each.

Write a sentence using the word ‘there’. Write a sentence using the word ‘little’.

Maths practice

  1. Make your own snakes and ladders game using numbers 1-50. Feel free to use something instead of snakes and ladders, maybe mountains and rivers or rainbows and lollipops! If you don’t have any large paper you could try sticking several pieces of A4 together. Remember the squares need to be big enough for a counter. You could play this game lots over the Easter holidays!
  1. Write the following numbers in dienes: 32, 14, 17, 43, 49, 22
  2. You know how to count in 10s. Practise your 10x table. Use two toys to do a rally robin counting in 10s.


Create a diagram of a tortoise for your fact book. Draw a tortoise in the middle of your paper then add labels for shell, head, mouth, legs, tail and eyes. 


Check out the french blog for updates Tuesday to Thursday and Mandarin every day if you want to learn.

French: https://rpsfrench.com/

Check out https://www.linguascope.com/ if you would like to practise your language skills. All children should know their password. 

Mandarin: https://rpsmandarin.wordpress.com/

Here are two different ways of drawing a tortoise:

Exercise – 60 minutes a day. Please see Mr Campbell and Mr Rookwood’s fitness videos that will be posted on the blog!


Check out the french blog for updates Tuesday to Thursday and Mandarin every day if you want to learn

French: https://rpsfrench.com/

Mandarin: https://rpsmandarin.wordpress.com/